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Certificate in Operations Management

Certificate in Operations Management

Enhance your leadership credentials and learn how to increase a Company’s value with this certificate course in operations management. Understand the basics of cost minimization, establishing your customer base, and the building, design, and implementation of operational strategies. Learn how quantitative measures are used to make operational business decisions, regarding areas in resource efficiency, manufacturing and production, as well as establishing quality labour and delivery standards.


The aim of this course is to instil in you the knowledge of the systems and activities necessary for producing goods and services for customers and clients, and in the most efficient way possible. During the programme of study, you will be introduced to the following concepts:

  • Operations Management requirements for service and manufacturing entities
  • Processes, systems and tools used in the four main areas of operations management (cost minimisation, quality, customer/client satisfaction, and innovation)
  • Creating value and competitive advantage through operations management
  • The application of quantitative techniques in designing effective operations

You will be formally assessed once during the programme, which will consist of a written report of up to 3,500 words. Completing this assignment to a satisfactory standard is a mandatory requirement.

Start Date:

Enrol anytime and start on the 1st or 15th of every month


3 months

Awarding body:

London School of Business and Finance

Certified by :

CPD (Continuing Professional Development)