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Advanced Certificate in Operations Management

This course introduces students to the management of business operations. This includes the process of design, analysis, and sustaining quality standards. Inventory control and resource management are also a critical part of operations management. You will learn how to develop, execute, allocate and manage business projects with the objective of meeting customer demand at minimum cost. Operations managers must effectively carry out the successful conversion of raw materials and human labour into the production of goods and services.


The programme of study in this Advanced Certificate course will challenge you to:

  • Develop your knowledge of how operations can be optimised for a competitive advantage
  • Understand the critical issues involved in the upfront planning of an organisation’s operational design
  • Analyse business processes, procedures, and strategies for enhanced quality assurance
  • Accurately measure the quality of products and services
  • Become familiar with strategies for efficiently managing operations
  • Understand the dynamics of supply chain management and the drivers for outsourcing and vertical integration
  • Improve quantitative reasoning ability
  • Improve oral presentation skills

You will be formally assessed once during the programme, which will consist of a written report of up to 3,500 words. Completing this assignment to a satisfactory standard is a mandatory requirement.

Start Date :

Enrol anytime and start on the 1st or 15th of every month

Duration :

3 months

Awarding body :

London School of Business and Finance

Certified by :

CPD (Continuing Professional Development)